How to Start Your Debt-Free Journey in 4 Easy Steps - with Lisa Schader

Today, I’m sitting down with Lisa Schader, a financial coach and Master of accounting who lives what she teaches. She’s passionate about helping others with their financial situations and we dive into tips on how to start your debt free journey and where to go from there. Get your pen and paper because Lisa is dishing out all the best tips!

I’m so excited for you to hear this episode because I just did an episode on simple budgeting (which I've hoped you've listened to! Lisa confirms a lot of my original tips - thankfully!) and I touched on how important it is to tackle your debt. Then I was introduced to Lisa and I knew I had to have her come talk about this because honestly I’m a ROOKIE and I cannot wait for you friends to hear from a financial coach who really knows her stuff! I took notes for myself!

You're going to leave this episode feeling ready to take on your debt and build towards your future!



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